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About Brogan

Brogan Anderson has called the Annapolis Valley home for the past 18 years.


Brogan has been active in the community with the local chapter of the Sierra Club and the Council of Canadians. She works at the Annapolis Valley regional library where you may have seen her in the last decade and a half either reading stories to children or matching a reader with a book. She and her partner Peter Gillis have two children. Fluently bilingual in English and French, Brogan was born and grew up near Quebec City and straddles her two linguistic identities. She has a university degree in linguistics from the University of Ottawa.

Brogan is passionate about a variety of environmental and social issues, from preventing and mitigating climate change to electoral reform to how to welcome immigrants and refugees in the hope of living in a more peaceful, more just world.

Brogan is eager to present herself as the candidate for the Greens in the upcoming election because she believes that the single largest infrastructure project in the history of Canada must be the transition from a petroleum-based to a Green based economy. She is particularly passionate about the need to substantially alter our transportation infrastructure to prioritize mass transit.

We can and must reinvigorate local employment by reclaiming our economy to support local needs. Federal funds and tax breaks have a role to play in facilitating infrastructure for everything from recycling our own plastics here in the province to helping re-establish local food distribution networks to get local food to local markets.

Brogan is keen to build on the history of social activism in this province and believes that the solutions to large scale environmental concerns are actually to the benefit of all. Our resilient communities, our small-scale businesses, and our interdependence are what will see us through. Our government must have a vision, and from that vision will derive policies that lead to a non-fossil-fuel future, the only viable future.